Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blue Shed

Finished piece, Blue Shed, 5"x7" Oil on Canvas. This piece is from a trip to Puerto Rico with my family. We kept driving by this blue shed everyday on the way to the beach, and I couldn't resist the robin blue color and the orangs blossoms. I knew I had to paint it!

Eden Barn

Finished piece, Eden Barn, 8"x10" Oil on Panel.

Summer Landscape

New finished piece, Summer Landscape, 8"x10" Oil on Canvas

Monday, October 11, 2010

Studio Snapshot

This is a snapshot of my studio. I'm working on a few paintings, the largest one is on the easel and the smaller ones are on the palette in the background. Lately I have been interested in clouds and all the different colors they contained. The painting on the easel is the first coat, which I applied using a palette knife to lay down more color faster. Then I took a rag and smeared everything, I liked the soft atmospheric reaction it caused.
Besides just applying straight color, I have been glazing subtle color over the top of each lay to get a softer prism of colors....for a cloud like effect.
I am still beating myself up for not painting more often and getting more done. But I just have to take a breath and accept that I'm not perfect. One day at a time. I'm glad that I am starting to feel more steady in life and get back some sense of routine. I have my good days and bad days still. I'm excited to be applying for a masters program in painting this coming spring. I look forward to the challenge and also the help in reaching a new level in my work.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

First Place in the West Jordan Competition!

I thought I would share the exciting news! My painting just took first place in the West Jordan Plein Air competition! Yay! It makes me so happy to be recognized. I will post a picture of the piece soon....going out of town for awhile for work.