Monday, June 30, 2008

Ogden City Plein Air Competition

Just finished the Ogden city plein air festival. Just went down one day on Friday and painted the whole day straight. It was great to have my father sit with me and help my painting along with his artistic eye. My mom stopped by and brought me ice cream and a sandwich. This is the life! The competition was about capturing Ogden, so I chose the green tower as you come into Ogden off 24th street. I am happy with the colors in the picture. It was a challenge to paint this scene because the owners of the cars had to go to lunch and then got off early from work. It's amazing the colors you see when you paint outside. I took a picture of the scene and the colors are really flat. Painting outside definitely helps! It was great to meet other artists at the show. I met a really wonderful artist, Ryan Brown. His piece was beautiful and captured the feel of Ogden.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pickett Fairbanks Gallery Group Show-Friday

Here are two pieces I finished for the Pickett Fairbanks Gallery show, formerly Magpie, this coming Friday. These will be showing along with three other pieces. I am looking forward to visiting with my artist friends and eating.....hopefully there will be food, but I should lay off the food! The top pic is around the Cortona in Tuscany and the bottom picture is headed to Murano from Venice. I love the color of the water and the grand gates.

Monday, June 9, 2008

My First Festival this weekend, June 12th

I keep thinking-Have I forgotten anything?! Nervous and anxious for my first festival. It's this Thursday through Saturday, June 12-14th from 10am to 8pm. Should make for long days, but hoping to stay in the shade, drink iced chai teas, and sell some work. Hoping I can figure out how to set up the tent-it's fairly simple, but logic is not always my strong point. Logan here I come!

Back from Italy and Ready to Paint

Came home from Italy just a few days ago and I am so excited to start painting images from Italy. I took many many photos and will have a hard time deciding what to paint. The trip was interesting with a few mishaps, but stuff I can laugh at now-like a 2am drug raid in our sleeper compartment, running from a bar fight, and a taking in a stray kitty. Venice was my favorite place by far, every turn was visual eye candy. It rained most of the time in Venice, but I think the rain made it even more beautiful. I could live in Venice!