Thursday, January 27, 2011

Birthday Party

I snapped this picture at my nephews birthday party. She was not happy to pose for the photo, but I thought her expression was priceless. I've enjoyed painting her face. A few details in the piece need to be perfected-like the sky and hand. I have all sorts of paintings that all need the finishing details, it's the hardest part for me. I get excited to move onto the next piece!

Large Scale Nude Painting

This piece has proved to be a challenge, but I think I need to be patient and give it more time. Because of the large size, I need to work in sections, building up the paint. The top portion of the back needs more paint, with lighter tones on top. I will step away from the piece for awhile and see what direction I want to take next.

Abstract Sunset

Having fun playing with color and softening edges.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Utah Landscape

I have a few pieces in the works. I've actually started on a few nude figurative paintings, which is proving challenging due to the different flesh tones. But I have to say that I really enjoy painting the landscape with all the array of color. This painting reminds me of all the spring flowers. It will be nice to break out of the inversion and cold weather.....soon, hopefully soon.