Thursday, December 18, 2008

Landscape in Park City

8"x10" Old Ranch Road barn. Oil on Panel $400

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


9"x12" Oil on Canvas $450.

Mikell with Sunglasses

9"x12" Oil on Canvas, $450

Self Portrait

This is a self-portrait that I just finished. I have to say it's frustrating to get a good representation of the piece. The subtle colors don't appear in a photo and the light changes. I think this piece is how I really am-usually wearing my hat, glasses, and retro coat. It was fun to paint the strong light on one side and the red reflection on the dark side. My family jokes about how much this piece is me.....probably because of my hat...I always wear a hat!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Donation Piece for Ogden Secret Show

This show is coming up on October 11th at the Ogden Union Station. If you can go, I would strongly recommend that you do. It's a great place to find art from really well know artists for just $99 dollars! The artist donates the piece and you have a chance to place your name to be drawn out, and if it is, then you get to buy the piece for ninety nine bucks. I am going for sure!

Poor Yorick Open Studios

My dear artist friend, Susan Wythe was kind enough to let me show in her studio for the Poor Yorick open studios this last Friday. She put up a few pieces on one side of the wall and I put up a few on the other side. I wasn't able to be at the opening, because I was getting my tonsils out and wouldn't be able to talk with people.....probably just mumble and squeak....not an impression I want to leave with people. My father, seen in the chair, was able to represent me. I think he had a good time meeting people and drinking the cheap boxed wine.

Monday, August 25, 2008

This is Tom!

This piece is still is really wet. I am thinking about doing one more coating or glaze over the top? Soften the darker eyebrow and bring out the highlight more in the darker eye. It's interesting how taking a picture of the picture changes how you see the painting. I have to think is this how it really is or is this the camera changing it? Originally the background was a golden color, but I decided on a mixed black to bring out the flesh tones.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Painting People!

This is one of the paintings that sold at the festival. I was surprised and very happy to receive positive feedback with my people pieces. This is a painting of Tia, a dancer from the Salt Lake Valley. She was kind enough to let me snap a few pictures. I was pleased with the orange tint of her skin contrasting with the blue toned background. Now I need to find a few more people to paint!

Booth at Park City Arts Festival

Here is a picture showing my booth at the festival. It was fun to see and hear what people thought. Now that the festival is over I'm planning my next move and painting more and more.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Park City Art Festival

Today was the first day of the arts festival in the lovely, and close to home, Park City. It was so wonderful to see friends, fellow artists, and family at my booth. It's so encouraging and supportive....I am so grateful. It was a very hot day, but it was great! It was fun to watch people's reaction when they recognized many of the locations of the paintings. I will post pictures of my booth and of visiting friends...I also have a few new paintings to post as well. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported me during the festival!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mikell with Color

Finished putting color on top of the under drawing of Mikell. Not sure what I think? It was tough to get a picture where the skin wasn't too orange, but the headband and shirt were bright enough..I might try taking another picture. I am happy that it looks like a person. Mikell is always smiling but for some reason I captured a very intense look. I think I will try painting a person again and go for thicker paint.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Featured on the Morning Show with Channel Two

Featured Saturday with the morning show on channel two. Here we are setting up the easels and trying to find a place that will work with their lighting and cameras, but a place that I have something to look at to paint. It was a challenge because I had to paint from the side, so I didn't block the camera's view, paint while everyone was watching, and paint a tree that didn't have any light! Overall I think it went pretty well, no major verbal fly wasn't undone!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Ogden City Plein Air Competition

Just finished the Ogden city plein air festival. Just went down one day on Friday and painted the whole day straight. It was great to have my father sit with me and help my painting along with his artistic eye. My mom stopped by and brought me ice cream and a sandwich. This is the life! The competition was about capturing Ogden, so I chose the green tower as you come into Ogden off 24th street. I am happy with the colors in the picture. It was a challenge to paint this scene because the owners of the cars had to go to lunch and then got off early from work. It's amazing the colors you see when you paint outside. I took a picture of the scene and the colors are really flat. Painting outside definitely helps! It was great to meet other artists at the show. I met a really wonderful artist, Ryan Brown. His piece was beautiful and captured the feel of Ogden.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pickett Fairbanks Gallery Group Show-Friday

Here are two pieces I finished for the Pickett Fairbanks Gallery show, formerly Magpie, this coming Friday. These will be showing along with three other pieces. I am looking forward to visiting with my artist friends and eating.....hopefully there will be food, but I should lay off the food! The top pic is around the Cortona in Tuscany and the bottom picture is headed to Murano from Venice. I love the color of the water and the grand gates.

Monday, June 9, 2008

My First Festival this weekend, June 12th

I keep thinking-Have I forgotten anything?! Nervous and anxious for my first festival. It's this Thursday through Saturday, June 12-14th from 10am to 8pm. Should make for long days, but hoping to stay in the shade, drink iced chai teas, and sell some work. Hoping I can figure out how to set up the tent-it's fairly simple, but logic is not always my strong point. Logan here I come!

Back from Italy and Ready to Paint

Came home from Italy just a few days ago and I am so excited to start painting images from Italy. I took many many photos and will have a hard time deciding what to paint. The trip was interesting with a few mishaps, but stuff I can laugh at now-like a 2am drug raid in our sleeper compartment, running from a bar fight, and a taking in a stray kitty. Venice was my favorite place by far, every turn was visual eye candy. It rained most of the time in Venice, but I think the rain made it even more beautiful. I could live in Venice!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Italy! Italy!

Leaving for Italy this Wednesday morning. I am excited to go see all the art spots-especially the Sistine Chapel. My friends and I are flying into Paris, then Pompeii, Venice, Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, and more! It should be quite the trip. I hope to come back inspired, with paintings to paint. Maybe I will get a blessing from the Pope...who knows? I'll blog when I get back-but not until June.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Park City and Hot Air Balloons

Park City usually has hot air balloons that go up early in the morning. I love the bright colors that contrast with the green mountains. I took a balloon ride about two years ago, and it was fun and relaxing. It was for Craig's 30 birthday.

Winter in Heber

It's my first time painting snow! I enjoyed using white and blue. Used a photography rather than paint out in the cold. I'm too whimpy to paint in the snow. Definitely would like to try painting out of my car sometime. With the camera you can't get the subtle light and reflections.

Oranges Are Not Just Orange

I've decided to start drawing and painting more from life. I thought I would start with oranges. Struggled at first with the color, just using variations of orange colors, and it wasn't looking right, so I decided to add green, red, blue, and many other colors. By adding these different colors, I am happier with the results. It was a fun exercise and my art room smelled of oranges!

Monday, April 21, 2008

No Go on the Springville Show

Today I found out the results of the Springville show. Both of my pieces were not accepted. All I can say is "darn it"! It's hard not to feel a little disappointed. And then you wonder what you could have done better with the pieces. But it's all a part of the art business. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. I'm looking forward to a nice break in May. I'm going to Italy for about eighteen days to view all the major art pieces of the world. Hope to come back inspired, with a new outlook.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cows Grazing in the House!

Finished this painting the other day. The light on the house looks better from a distance, and seems to glow. The house is simple with just a few cows in the area. It was an empty house in Plain City. I might glaze over it one more time with yellow, to warm it up a bit. It's an 8x10 on panel.

Under Painting of the Lovely Mikell

Worked on this late Saturday night. It's an under painting of my co-worker, Mikell. She was nice enough to let me take her picture. I don't usually paint people, but I was drawn to her bright, beautiful purple scarf. I think I painted a good resemblance of her. Her nose it a tad bit too long at the bottom. I will shave a little off before I put the color on. I'm looking forward to putting the color on. I'll wait for it to dry, refinish the nose, and then add the color.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Springville or Not?

Wow! I have been working on this painting for awhile and I am almost done. Just a few finishing touches here and there. The tough decision is whether I should enter this in the Springville Museum's Spring Salon? My inner critic is giving me a hard time. Will people laugh at it? Is my perspective off? Is it good enough? I've put this funny pressure on myself, when I should be enjoying trying something new. Painting people is very new to me. I think I will finish it the next day or two and do a final glaze and then round up some money to frame it and send it on it's way to Springville......wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Painting in Progress

Started this painting while I was in Saint George enjoying the warm weather. I decided to paint in the backyard, because I was feeling like I didn't want to be bothered. So I painted from a photograph outside...does that still count as Plein Air? As I was halfway through, people kept coming into the neighbors backyard and staring at me. I couldn't figure out what was going on, and I was frustrated because I didn't want to be bothered. I had to laugh when I found out they were having an open house! This painting is really wet, alla prima, if I spelled that right. I will go back into it when it dries and soften some edges and define the trees and mountains more. This is my usual favorite, an 8x10 on panel.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another Painting Finished

Just finished putting the last touches on this piece. The scene is from Plain City, Utah of an empty corn field, all that is left from the melted snow is the puddle in the foreground. I enjoyed painting the dramatic sky with simple brushstrokes and adding the yellow light in the center. It's an 8x10 oil on panel.

Fun to Apply Thick, Bold Brushstrokes

This piece went relatively fast, painting wet on wet with bold brushstrokes. This is a picture of the high Uintahs in Utah. The lakes up in the forest are always so quite and still. This is an 8x10 oil on panel.

Tabiona Sheep Farm Accepted into SLCC Show

Tabiona Sheep Farm was accepted into the Salt Lake Community's art show, Thursday, February 21st at 400 S. and 219 E in the building by Stone Ground the reception is form 7-pm. Along with this painting "Lone Tree" was also accepted, which I will post later. I was thrilled to have two pieces get into the show. This piece is 18"x24" oil on canvas.

Park City Main Street Shack

Thought you would enjoy seeing a Park City scene located on the backside of the street. It's a small shack among the Old Town houses. I hope they perserve these old crumbling buildings. I think it adds to the city's character. This is 8x10 oil on panel.

Painting of the Park City Ski Runs

The lovely ski runs of Park City. This picture is both of Park City Ski Resort and the Park City Golf Course at just the beginning of Fall. I was attracted to the strong yellow-green color of the grass in the foreground. It was fun to paint the Alpine Slide. I like to paint the slide, not go down's the speed that scares me and then I hold up everyone behind me everytime! This picture is a 24"x36" oil on canvas.

Ghost Town School House

I took a trip up to Idaho a few weeks ago and went to the ghost town of Chester Field, Idaho. I found this empty school house in the area and decided to do a small painting of it. I think I will go back up to the area and find more buildings to paint. It's close to Lava Hot Springs, so I will stay there and go to the hot springs. I love these small towns in Idaho!